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The Social Response to COVID-19 SMART Dashboard

Dr. Gabriela Fernandez presents the SMART Dashboard and it's use in COVID-19 research in Italy.

Domenico Vito, Ph.D with HubZine Italia presents the Italian version of the video. Email:

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The Outbreak of COVID-19 in Italy: Fighting the Pandemic

Presentation slides for a CrowdFight COVID-19 presentation given by Dr. Gabriela Fernandez and Carol Maione at SDSU on August 24, 2020 regarding COVID-19 responses in Italy.

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San Diego COVID-19 Risk Zones Analysis using Time-series Data

Presentation slides by Dr. Ming-Hsiang on using time-series data in San Diego County to determine the COVID-19 risk areas.

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WHO COVID-19 Myth Busters PowerPoint

Slide presentation published by the World Health Organization about COVID-19.

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Digital Contact Tracing and Surveillance - A National Conversational with Geospatial Experts

ASU Spatial Analysis Research Center and the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning hosted a webinar, with Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou, Director of the HDMA center as one of the 5 speakers, talking about the tools, limitations of technology, and knowledge gaps as they relate to COVID-19 modelling and response in the US.

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Using Geo-Tagged and Geo-Targeted Social Media Data for COVID-19 Contact Tracking and Monitoring

Webinar slide presentation at a National Geospatial Conversation.

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Interests of Society or Rights of Individuals? Promises and Challenges of Social Media and Big Data- Exploring Ethics

Social media and big data can have important practical applications in public health, disaster management, transportation, and urban planning. Using big data technology can be powerful tools to predict short-term future events, such as flu outbreaks, severe air pollution, traffic congestion, the weather, and patterns of disaster evacuation. Ming-Hsiang Tsou, PhD discusses the challenges in social media analytics, including data noise and biases, fake news, and data privacy.

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