Through the use of GIS, social media analytics, and data science approaches, the Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age at San Diego State University are developing analytic dashboards, GIS maps, and visualization graphs to track and monitor COVID-19 outbreaks and impacts to our regional and local communities in San Diego and California.
July 2021 News: As of July 1, 2021, many COVID-19 reports provided by the County of San Diego will only be updated weekly. Due to this change, several of the dashboards featured on the research hub have been retired. Click here to find out more about changes to the research hub.
March 2022 News: As of March 8, 2022, San Diego County discontinued the confirmed cases updates in PDF format. The data is now available at SanGIS/SANDAG GIS Data Warehouse under "Health" catagory. For the first time user, please register first before downloading the data.
Click here to learn how to download the data.

COVID-19 Testing

A resource for COVID-19 testing results in San Diego County and for finding COVID-19 testing locations.

COVID-19 Tracing Cases

Maps related to tracing COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 Vaccines & Treatment

A collection of resources concerning COVID-19 vaccines and treatment, including hospitalization, death records, etc.

Vulnerability Maps

Maps showing the vulnerability of San Diego County residents to the coronavirus, including those related to nursing facilities, homelessness, diabetes, heart disease, and others.

Analytics Dashboard

The HDMA center's Analytics Dashbords for the coronavirus, including Daily New Cases, 7 Day Rolling Rate, and others.

Health Resources Maps

The HDMA center's maps showing senior housing, mental illness, hospital beds, etc. related to Health Resources in San Diego.

Maps Hub for San Diego

A collection of maps dedicated to San Diego coronavirus information.

San Diego Neighborhood Regions COVID-19 Updates

A collection of some of the resources available regarding San Diego neighborhood regions in relation to COVID-19.

International Collaboration- Crowdfight COVID-19

The HDMA center in collaboration with Crowdfight COVID-19, a group on international researchers, is looking at how people across the world experience the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Sharing Data

Datasets available for San Diego County coronavirus analysis.

Sharing Videos and Slides

Videos and presentations related to COVID-19 research.

Other Maps and Information

Additional resources for maps and information on the coronavirus- not dedicated to San Diego.

Research Weblog- Updates about the HDMA center's research

4-28-20 The HDMA center has created a new dashboard looking at the differences in 2017 diabetes related emergency department discharges in San Diego County.

We are doing research on COVID-19 and social behaviors at SDSU, HDMA Center. Would you take a few minutes to fill out this survey? Thank you! Please share the survey with your family, friends, and colleagues. TrackIT COVID-19 Screening Survey

(5/12/2020) This research hub has been featured in the SDSU NewsCenter. Take a look at the story here:

(10/26/2020) The SDSU NewsCenter interviewed Jessica Embury, a student researcher, about her contributions to the HDMA Center's COVID-19 Research Hub. Read the interview here:

HDMA Center Live

Highlighted Maps and Dashboards

Using Big Data, Social Media, and Maps to Monitor COVID-19 Outbreaks in San Diego:

With the collaborations from the faculty, staff, and students at San Diego State University and our partners in San Diego, we are glad to announce the establishment of this Research HUB for COVID-19. The purpose of the COVID-19 Research Hub is to provide Analytics Dashboard and Maps to help both decision makers and the public to monitor the COVID-19 disease outbreaks in San Diego and to get a better understanding about the different aspects of COVID-19 disease spread patterns related to vulnerable population, population profiles, and health services in San Diego. So that the decision makers can identify potential problems in specific regions and re-arrange health service resources as early as possible. Our group applied both data science tools (visual analytics) and data visualization methods (maps) to enable this dashboard and maps to accomplish these functions and visualization.

As a cartographer and a data scientist, I want to emphasize that data visualization is a very powerful tool to help us make right decision at the right time. These web apps can help San Diegans to get a clear picture about the challenges and problems we are facing now in our local communities. It will also reduce the spread of wrong information and fake news in San Diego regions.

If you are interested in join this volunteered groups, please contact me at


Ming-Hsiang (Ming) Tsou

Professor of Geography
Director of the Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age
Director of the Big Data Analytics Program
San Diego State University


Many SDSU faculty, students, and international collaborators are contributing to this COVID-19 research hub. SDSU Faculty: Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou (HDMA Center, Geography), Dr. Gabriela Fernandez (HDMA Center, Geography), Dr. Atsushi Nara (HDMA Center, Geography), Dr. Su Yeon Han (HDMA Center), Dr. Lourdes Martinez (HDMA Center, Communication), Dr. Brian Spitzberg (HDMA Center, Communication), Dr. Mark Gawron (HDMA Center, Linguistics), Dr. Joseph Gibbons (HDMA Center, Sociology), Dr. Eyal Oren (HDMA Center, Public Health). Dr. Eun Jeong Ko (Social Work), Dr. Yang Xu (Computer Science), Dr. Barbara Bailey (Math and Statistics), Dr. Naveen Vaidya (Math and Statistics), Dr. Bo Liu (HDMA Center). SDSU Volunteered Students: Karen Robinett (Geography), Jessica Embury (Geography), Jaehee Park (Geography), Chanwoo Jin (Geography), Wayne Kepner (Public Health MPH), Rachelle De Ocampo (Public Health MPH), Christian Mejia (Geography), Dhaha Nur (Big Data Analytics), Harrison Yang (Big Data Analytics), Karenina Zaballa (Big Data Analytics), Elisabeth Jones (Big Data Analytics), Kimberley Throton (Public Health MPH), Thalia Loi (Nursing), Jenna Garcia (Public Health), Stephanie Banh (ISCOR), Joshua Rey (Geography). San Diego Partners: Christopher Coyne (UCSD Emergency Medicine), Faith Quenzer (UCSD Emergency Medicine), Leslie Ray (County of San Diego, HHSA), Isabel Corcos (County of San Diego, HHSA), Nadine Bahlawan (UCSD), Varun Yadav (UCSD). International Volunteers: Carol Maione (Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy) , Jarai Carter (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Columbia University), Jack McKew (Newcastle, Australia), Norbert Bonnici (Malaga, Spain), Shraddha S. Ghodke (University of College London, UK), Filippo Bonora (University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy).

Group Photo from the 5/12/20 Meeting