HDMA Center COVID-19 Research Updates

San Diego Cumulative Cases by Ethnicity in San Diego

The HDMA center has created a document featuring maps displaying the COVID-19 cumulative cases by Ethnicity in San Diego from 5/20/20 to 12/26/20 in order to examine the populations vulnerable to COVID-19. The maps were created by Jessica Embury at the HDMA Center.

COVID-19 Ethnicity Maps (May 2020- Sep 2020) →

COVID-19 Ethnicity Maps (Oct 2020- Dec 2020) →

COVID-19 Impact Disparities among Ethinic Groups

A paper written by Morgan Daniels titled "COVID-19 Impact Disparities among Ethnicity Groups in San Diego County" explores the health disparity issues in San Diego county among the different ethnicity groups.

COVID-19 Ethnicity Impact Paper →

Research Hub News

This COVID-19 Research hub was featured as the top story in the SDSU NewsCenter on 5/20/20 for providing crucial resources for the public regarding COVID-19.

SDSU NewsCenter Story →

Digital Contact Tracing Webinar

Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou took part in a webinar, talking about digital contact tracing and surveillance as it relates to COVID-19 modelling and response in the US.

Digital Tracing Video →

Diabetes Emergency Department Dashboard

The HDMA center has created a new dashboard that looks at the difference between age groups in 2017 diabetes-related emergency department (ED) discharges.

Diabetes Dashboard →

Using Big Data, Social Media, and Maps to Monitor COVID-19 Outbreaks in San Diego

Take a look at this letter written by Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou, Director of the Center for Human Dynamics and Professor of Geography, San Diego State University.

Using GIS and Big Data for COVID19.pdf

San Diego County Dashboard

The County of San Diego created its official Dashboard on 4/09/2020. With the county creating their official Dashboard, the HDMA center will no longer update their Dashboard. Please visit the County's Dashboard for updated information. The HDMA center will continue updating the zipcode maps.

Official County Dashboard →

Zip Code Maps

The HDMA center has made two Zip Code maps that are updated daily at 9 pm, one for desktop and one for mobile, where users can view an interactive map that displays the confirmed COVID-19 cases by Zip Code for the County of San Diego.

Desktop Site → Mobile Site →

New HDMA San Diego County Dashboard

The HDMA center has created a new Dashboard where current COVID-19 information for the county of San Diego can be viewed.

HDMA Dashboard →

Research Collaboration

The HDMA center in collaboration with the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health Services, Epidemiology and Immunization Services Branch is working on ongoing research to keep up to date with the current COVID-19 epidemic.